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There are two halls in the St. Martin De Porres Church. Parish hall under the church which is Air conditioned  and Jubilee hall in the adjacent building. The persons who are using the halls on rental basis shall abide by the following guidelines  strictly.

  1. Tables, chairs, water, electricity with generator facility are available in the halls.
  2. The Caretaker will advice you on all possible requirements on phone number 9142398310
  3. The arrangements in the hall can be made till 9pm on the previous day of the programme. The gates will remain closed from 10 pm to 5.30 am.
  4. Noon programmes should vacate the premises at 4pm. Evening programmes can use the halls till 9.30pm.
  5. Food shall not be cooked inside the church, hall or compound.
  6. All the waste should be removed before vacating the premises.
  7. No person in connection with the programme shall be permitted to stay inside the church compound/hall during night.
  8. Video and connected expenses shall be the responsibility of the occupiers.
  9. Full amount shall be deposited in advance at the time of booking and obtain receipt.
  10. Reimbursement of advance amount on cancellation- on or before one month of the date of programme- 75%, on or before one week of the date of programme- 50% and in other cases- 40%.
  11. Air condition facility available only for four hours.


For parishioners

A/c Parish hall ...........   Rs. 30000.00

Non A/c parish hall....    Rs. 15000.00

Jubilee hall           .....    Rs.    5000.00

For Non parishioners

A/c Parish hall  ..........    Rs. 40000.00

Non A/c parish hall.....    Rs. 25000.00

Jubilee hall        .........    Rs.  10000.00

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